Reshaping genetic data impact

A comprehensive solution for the genetic data ecosystem in compliance with strict regulatory environment

Genome is
an asset

Harnessing big-data analytics in genomics holds the key to breakthroughs in disease research and drug development. All players engaged in this effort, either in academic institutions or in Pharma companies, strive for efficient access to secured, classified and searchable genomic data.

Addressing these critical requirements, dGRP by Geneyx will unlock the next phase in medical practice – predictive, preventive and personalized medicine.

The DNA sequence is the only medical info that stays relevant to our health throughout life

Indexed database of
millions of genomes will pave the way to novel discoveries in personalized
health across the globe

Our customers

Geneyx is currently able to securely store and index the complete, immutable, validated genetic data with associated meta and clinical data.

The Genome Owner

The genome should be available throughout life, and after. It contains large amount of data that should be stored securely and be reliably available upon request.

The Genetic Lab

Can offer their customers extended services beyond the one-time genetic test. The genetic labs will provide the patient with many additional health and lifestyle genetic applications, based on the already available genome data.

The Clinical Users

Should have access to genetic data of their patients to exploit the full personal clinical value. Usually, no point-of-care capability to store and analyse genomic data, is available.

Pharma And Research

Strive for a large collection of high quality genetic data coupled with relevant clinical information. Currently bottlenecked on both regulation and easy accessibility.


We are creating a decentralized GRP, utilizing cutting edge blockchain methodology to keep an unconditional strict privacy regulation.

We provide:

Periodical basic genome re-analysis, followed by a summarised report for the patient to further consult with his primary physician.

Strict masking the genome identifier codes (patentable method).

Anonymous compensation of the genome owners for contributing their data via smart contracts.

The Geneyx

GRP by Geneyx enables millions of individuals, physicians, geneticists, bioinformaticians, genetic labs, sequencing service providers and researchers in either private pharma or academic institutes to harness the full potential of the abundance of genomic data that is currently generated at increasing pace and constantly increased quality and coverage.

The GRP allows the individual genomic data to become a personal asset, therefore maximizes its value, both to the genome owner on the one hand and to data consumer on the other. It enables accumulation of genetic data while maintaining the highest standards of privacy, security and immutability. Its innovative features enables your single data point to become part of the big data, which transforms it into useful information.


David Yizhar


Founder owner and CEO of NGS and other medical industry companies in Israel, East Europe and Far East. Multiple successful exits. Expert in managing business in medical industry and regulations

Avi Yitzhak


Proven leadership experience ranging from startups (SVP Engineering of IXI Mobile, inc. to large Nasdaq listed corporates. VP R&D of TND in Verint Systems, inc. (10 Patents)

Dvir Dahary


Expert in Genetics and Bioinformatics. Co-founder and CEO of Toldot Genetics Ltd. Team leader at Compugen Ltd. Kyowa Hakko (Japan). Weizmann Institute ant others.

Raviv Itzhaky


One of the leaders of Marketing Industry in Israel. CEO of IPG, VP at McCann, VP at Publicis Ariely. Founder and CEO of ICQ TV. Winner of Golden Lion at The Cannes advertising festival.

Ofer Yizhar Barnea

US Branch

Postdoctoral fellow, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences in University of California San Francisco (UCSF), USA.


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